ProviderPay Analytics

The only thing more important than obtaining visibility into the Pharmacy's data is gaining the capability of using the data to understand impacts on the Pharmacy and improve the Pharmacy's performance.  ProviderPay has a unique ability to collect and organize claim, remittance, cost, and payment data and display this data in a meaningful, accessible, and organized way for the Pharmacy.

The result of this data aggregation is delivered through our advanced reporting and pharmacy performance products.  In addition to our own products, ProviderPay has collaborated with other leading technology vendors to extend our analytics solutions. Capabilities include pharmacy performance dashboards, rich data warehousing and mining capabilities, advanced pre/post edit solutions, star rating assistance, and cash management analytics.


  • Retail performance reporting 
  • Retail vs. 340B performance comparison
  • Roll-forward reporting
  • Adjustment reporting
  • 340B program profitability  
  • Identification of unpaid and under paid claims 
  • Cash management