340BDirect supports chains like Albertsons Companies to make a difference in their communities.

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340BDirect® for Covered Entities

340BDirect® supports over 8,000 pharmacies in connecting with covered entities to expand the care and value created by the 340B program.  Much like covered entities use 340B administrators to manage their programs, pharmacies use 340BDirect® to do the same, to help create a more stable, sophisticated pharmacy relationship committed to the 340B program long term.

The 340BDirect® platform provides contract pharmacies the systems, tools, and controls needed to more efficiently manage their 340B programs and to assist covered entities in standardizing access to those pharmacies. 340BDirect® supports both you and your 340B administrator in streamlining the program and adding additional compliance while extending care and savings. Request an NPI analysis to find out how 340BDirect’s network of contract pharmacies can support your 340B program.

  • Relationships with a national network of over 8,000 retail locations
  • Work with contract pharmacies who have the same goal of expanding 340B benefits into your community
  • Confidence that through the 340BDirect® platform your contract pharmacies have the expertise, tools, and controls needed for a compliant program
  • Analysis of each contract pharmacy opportunity before signing up
  • HRSA audit support
  • Funds transferred quickly through electronic funds transfer
  • Flexibility to support your 340B eligibility requirements
  • Improve costly true-ups

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