340BDirect® for Independent Pharmacies

Many independent pharmacies avoid 340B participation because of the complexity it presents and the resources it requires to manage. 340BDirect® enables all types of pharmacies to provide the benefits of 340B like their large chain counterparts.

Our pharmacy-focused process helps reduce the challenges and complexities pharmacies face in 340B, making it easier for independent pharmacies to participate with confidence. 340BDirect® works with pharmacies and covered entities to establish financial parameters sustainable for both parties. The 340BDirect® platform monitors program performance and provides the support, infrastructure, platform, and experienced 340B personnel to manage the complete spectrum of your 340B program.

  • Sustainable financial performance
  • Program reconciliation and reporting
  • Opt-in participation
  • Options to remove costly true-ups
  • Wholesaler flexibility
  • HRSA compliance and support
  • Inventory control – swell management
  • No upfront cost Invoices timed with drug delivery
  • 340B experts focused on your needs

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