340BDirect® for
Independent Pharmacies

Standardize. Control. Perform.

Many independent pharmacies avoid 340B participation because of the complexity it presents and the resources it requires to manage. 340BDirect® enables all types of pharmacies to provide the benefits of 340B like their large chain counterparts.

Our pharmacy-focused process helps reduce the challenges and complexities pharmacies face in 340B, making it easier for independent pharmacies to participate with confidence.

340BDirect® works with pharmacies and covered entities to establish financial parameters sustainable for both parties. The 340BDirect® platform monitors program performance and provides the support, infrastructure, platform, and experienced 340B personnel to help manage the complete spectrum of your 340B program.

The Benefits of 340BDirect®

Sustainable financial performance

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Program reconciliation and reporting

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Opt-in participation


Options to remove costly true-ups

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Wholesaler flexibility


HRSA compliance
and support

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Inventory control – swell management


No upfront cost


340B experts focused on your needs

Invoices timed with drug delivery

A pharmacy-focused 340B solution

Pharmacy 340B participation helps extend valuable resources to members of the community who need them most. But participating without the proper support leaves independent pharmacies vulnerable. With no one in the industry looking out for them, issues with inventory, accounting and profitability have driven independents out of the program, causing valuable community benefits to go to waste.

340BDirect® uniquely supports independent pharmacies with the expertise and tools crucial to participating in 340B.

20 years of experience working exclusively for pharmacies makes us uniquely suited to understand and adapt to your pharmacy’s needs. Our pharmacy-centric approach to 340B management helps pharmacies of all sizes navigate the complexities of 340B. Lack of visibility has historically made participation confusing and frustrating, especially for independent pharmacies who do it all without the infrastructure that chains have. Our reporting capabilities and dedicated client services team can help every step of the way.

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